It’s Free, so it must be a good thing…

Just giving one side of Obama care isn’t appropriate. You need to be realistic about social order. Lots of people don’t go to the movies anymore than you. Every one needs medical treatment at some point or another. Why should I have to pay your medical bill because medicaid and Medicare is paid for by my taxes. And even if you can’t afford to pay the medical bill, you will still need to sign forms saying that you will be responsible to pay for your care. Nothing is free. Be realistic with your children with all sides mot just one simple side. Government is not free. Freedom is not free. Somebody will always be paying the price for everyone else at one time or another. That’s life and you just have to accept that as you take care of your family, someone else is taking care of you.

Life of a Nut, Shell

Last night, at the dinner table, I presented the boys with a scenario. What if the government wrote a law that made all forms of entertainment free for everyone? No one would have to pay for movies, to go bowling, skating, watch a ballgame, etc.

Earlier in the day I’d been reading comments on the Right Wing Obamacare Myths Debunked post by Matt Walsh. There was a lady, who wasn’t even an American, saying she didn’t understand why so many were against Obamacare when it would help so many.  All I could think was “My ten-year old would understand why this isn’t a good idea.”

As a family, we don’t always have the money to go to the movies, our local fun center, ball games, etc. We go to about 2 movies a year. Sometimes not even that much. Not always because we don’t have the money, but often times…

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